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Vote reward madnes May!!!

Vote for server every 12 Hours and get 1000 Credits!!!

You need to type correct code in topsite, if you are to slow your vote will not count, and you will making empty votes!

Wich are against the rules! Thanks to everyone who votes! Lets make server NR.1



Posted by grishaaa :: 1 April, 2013

New webshop

New Webshop is done to, now you can buy ancient+excelent +socketed items, as well as use other modules.

And from now you can get 7500 Credits for 1USD. Dont waste your chance, buy your credits now

 to get best set ingame!!!

Press here to buy credits!

Posted by grishaaa :: 6 November, 2012





Server info [updated]

Server description! Season 6 Episode 2 +Antihack

Exp: 9999x

New Custom items 1000+

Points per level : 50

Shops: Excelent items +15+l, All Wings, Jewels, Pets, All skills, Box of kundums +1+2+3+4+5

Kundom Spots at Losttower1 and devias exit!

Vote reward: Press here and earn 500 credits each day!


Server is based on maxium expierence rate with super high best item drop to provide best  PVP & Guild War action as fast as posible after new players starts to play. For 1lvl you will get 50 points, for each class to reach maximum 65000 stats as soon as possible.

At shops there are items +15+luck +exc options, best start gear for each class, as well as all wings, jewels and pets + added new new custom 1000+ items for every taste.

Bored from scamer server that opens and closes, join!!! Server is online more than 3 year without wipes (opened at 15 january 2010), so this is only stable max/max style server. Start your battle now with 200+ online people 24/7


Posted by Administrator :: 2 April, 2010





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25.05.2013 17:49
ADM: RasmUs3                  GM:  xRomantiCx                    GM:                          


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